Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take credit cards?

We accept Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept American Express or Discover.

Can visitors take photos or videos?

Visitors may take photographs. Anyone wishing to produce a video should make arrangements in advance with the Parks Department. Call 609-265-5828 during business hours.

Are inmates still incarcerated there?

No. The Jail was in use from 1811 until 1965, when it was opened as a museum.

Are kids allowed?

Yes. The audio and live tours, and some of the exhibits, contain stories about executions by hanging and inmates who committed violent acts such as rape and murder. Parents should use their discretion in deciding whether or not their child is mature enough to hear about these things. If a live tour is given to a group of youngsters, the tour guide will make every attempt to adjust the tour for the age group.

Are there a lot of stairs in the prison museum? Is it handicap accessible?

The museum has three floors. In order to take the complete tour, one must go up and down two flights of stairs, not counting the stone steps leading into museum and not counting three or four small sets of stairs throughout the museum. There is an outside elevator that goes from the rear of the building to the first floor. One must walk on grass and gravel to get from the parking lot across the Exercise Yard to the elevator. Once inside, the visitor has to take stairs to get to the basement and second floors.

Do you have records of prisoners who were incarcerated at the prison?

Commitment books exist from about 1870 to 1965 and are kept by Burlington County along with other county records. Those wishing to view them can make arrangements through the Parks Department. Call 609- 265-5828 during business hours.

How can I become a volunteer?

Contact the Prison Museum Association by email at

Are group tours available?

Groups wishing to take self-guided or audio tours do not need to make arrangements in advance. The group rate is $2 per person for self-guided and live tours and $5 per person for groups using the audio tour. (We can accommodate a group of up to 20 people with audio tour headsets.) Groups wishing a live tour can make arrangements in advance by contacting the Prison Museum Association at


Are tour guides available for visitors?

We have no regularly scheduled tour guides. Our museum attendant may be able to tell you if a volunteer guide is expected to be there the day you would like to visit. Call Dennis during museum hours at 609-265-5476. We have a great audio tour which is only $3. The audio tour contains 18 "stops" and the user can select which ones he or she wishes to listen to. People who take the audio tour generally spend between 45 and 90 minutes. The audio tour includes information about the history of the Jail, the architect, interesting inmates and much more.

How long should we plan for our visit?

Visitors can spend as long as they like. It takes at least 45 minutes for most people to see everything. The audio tour contains 18 "stops" and the user can select which ones he or she wishes to listen to. People who take the audio tour generally spend between 45 and 90 minutes.

How do we get there?

There are directions on the website, click on

Is there parking?

There is usually plenty of parking on High Street and a small parking lot adjacent to the museum. There is also a large parking lot (adjacent to the County buildings) about two blocks away.

Is there somewhere to eat nearby?

There are a number of places, including:
LaVita Pizzeria -
Downtown Pizza -
Christopher’s Deli –
Robin's Nest -
The Local Eatery and Pub –
Ott's Downtown Pub and Grille –
Those who wish to pack a lunch are free to use picnic tables which are in the Exercise Yard.

Do you have a gift shop?

Yes. We sell a variety of books, tee shirts, coffee mugs, and other souvenirs. 

Can people rent the site for events?

Yes. You can make a reservation at You may also call the Burlington County Parks Department at 609-265-5828.

Can paranormal groups rent the museum for investigations?

Yes, investigations are allowed on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the year from 7 pm to midnight. The cost is $350 for groups of 10 or less and $700 for groups of between 11 and 20. Go on to make reservations. You may also call the Burlington County Parks Department at 609-265-5828.

Is the place haunted?

All of our visitors who believe in ghosts tell us that the museum is haunted.