Permanent Exhibits

The Burlington County Prison Museum is a National Historic Landmark located in the heart of historic Mount Holly, New Jersey. Designed by Robert Mills, America’s first native-born and trained architect, the Burlington County Prison was completed in 1811. One of Mills’ first independent architectural designs, the interior vaulted ceilings of poured concrete and brick and stone construction made the building virtually fireproof. Not only was the structure virtually maintenance free and well suited to its purpose, its management plan, although never effectively implemented, incorporated the philosophies of penal reform that were advocated during the period. In short, this structure was a fine example of innovative interior planning, fireproofing, heating and ventilation systems and the growing notion of social responsibility to rehabilitate criminals. In fact, it was so well constructed that it remained in constant use until 1965.

As you learn about this museum, we remind you that this building was a prison for 154 years…at the time of its closing it was the oldest continually used prison in the United States. No mean feat for any building! We hope you enjoy your virtual visit, and that you come and see the prison in person.